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riki: I love the picci of fizzgigg, awesome movie.

I would suggest that the 'infinite regress' argument is wasted on people for whom God exists outside of time, where before and after are brushed aside as states that don't apply to the all-mighty. The best we can hope for is an argument from observable reality like, if God did make the earth, man and everything, does he not also take responsibility tsunami's, floods etc caused by the nature of his design. You believe in purpose? What do you think the tsunami victims had planned for the following week? Celebrating their personal relationship with God on Sunday Perhaps. Give them a choice between being a morally bankrupt twit in condemning the victims as 'out of favor', or conceding that the God they claim exists is him/herself a morally bankrupt twit. Driving the religious on their holy books moral perspective, where it differs from society at large, makes them look abhorrent in front of their average peer group. It wouldn't take long for young people in this situation to reject their religious views in order to fit in, get the girl etc. Well, you wouldn't think...

Mon, 21 Jul 2008 18:02:00 UTC | #204283