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I am in the solar business and we are anticipating with a change of US maladministrations that there will be something coming out of the crooks and liars running the show to give solar and renewables a boost. But just that.

Think Clinton's "million solar roof" initiative, which was a lot of talk, glossy brochures, and no money to actually implement it. Think more funding to "study", while the technologies to make significant impacts on energy modes are already available off the shelf.

Why give up oil when there are more lands to plunder it from?

I wouldn't look for any support that in any significant way decentralizes the energy infrastructure (transferring it from large utilities to individual homes and communities). "Incentives" will be offered but most will come in the form of utility-based programs for home solar thermal and PV. Exxon may have lost their bid to purchase rights to the sun, but the large corporations have not given up. They will fight to retain their grip by joining the team - as long as they control the playing field. Consumers will pay the corporations one way or another.

Not much to do with topics here at RD land, with the notable exception that science triumphs again.

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