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TV in the U.S. isnt any better. I saw a listing for a scientific investigation of "The legendary bigfoot" on The Discovery channel. They called it a documentary. So I thought well lets see what science found out. There was nothing scientific about it. It was a complete farce. It was nothing but a bunch of tour guides using pseudo-scientific jargon that would have been at home on star trek.

The history channel aired A scientific investigation of noahs ark. Well, I thought lets see what science has to say about that. Turns out scientist think the U.S. government is withholding pictures of noahs ark. A whole lot of "scientific" ways to measure the ark. And a buch of crap like that. Nothing scientific about it. It was actually just a dressing up of the old myth with some pseudo-scientific ranting.

It goes on and on. Instead of just putting out hundreds of other shows about the myth of bigfoot and the myth of noahs ark and UFO's and any other ideea you can think of. They submit these "Documentaries" to the viewing layperson as if they are scientifically investigated. There are scientific ways to prove these things and there is no reason to think these things are not real.

Its absolutely incredible. On many of these shows they will have a "scientist" that is investigating. In the bigfoot show.(I refuse to call it a documentary) I actually saw them interview a guy that looks like the proverbial scientist with a lab coat, tape on his glasses and pocket protector. The works. He was stating in the documentary how "The cumulative evidence is conclusive. It would indicate that a large ape like man does in fact live here in these mountains." This same "scientist" can be seen as one of the joking actors on the TV show Scare tactics.

Not only are TV networks putting out the believe it or not shows here in the U.S. They are putting out shows that are deliberately misleading. Its disgraceful.

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