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Prof Dawkins, professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University, is also said to have "scandalously" selected particular quotes from Einstein to back up his claims that God does not exist and that people who believe in a divine creator despite an abundance of contradictory evidence are delusional.

if i rememeber dawkins talks about einsteins lack of belief, he doesnt use that to back up his non belief, 'einstein doesnt and so dont i', hmmm im not sure thats how it went.

the last bit doesnt need commenting on though.

and as for the motive behind writing TGD, well as nothing can prove/disprove deities as RD knows its more to do with exposing religion as something not actually required and hopefully making some people realise that condom use for eg, will NOT send you to hell, its about making people realise that you dont actually have to live in fear of customs forced upon them by evil old men.

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