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Man, I wish I had gone to a camp like that. All I got when I was at camp was being told that "Faith in God" is just as easy as trust-fall exercises, which is retarded because if you fall out of a tree, you're going to hit the ground and get hurt badly. No "faith" is going to catch you. I also got stung by 22 bees because the person in front of me stepped on a yellow jacket nest. Camp sucked.

If I had more free time I'd volunteer for that camp. It sounds great.
Kids are natural skeptics. The fact that they ask "Why" about everything indicates they don't just take things on faith. I'm glad that they're not indoctrinating the kids into atheism either. Inquiry is against indoctrination. It just so happens that skeptical inquiry often naturally leads to atheism or at least to Einstein's "God is the sum of all natural laws" philosophy.

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