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I wouldn't be surprised if a future innovator, or influential scientist/thinker comes out of camps like this.

These camps should be places where people just talk and share knowledge and ideas. And there should be more of them.
Things like the "Skeptic's Guide to the Universe" and skeptical forums like those of JREF should be shown to them as resources if they want to pursue their own investigations into "mysteries".
They helped me alot when I was still a believer in things like UFOs and ancient astronauts... and conspiracy theories (Don't get me started).
Religious people should be sent to these camps.

"Are they trying to create little atheists?
"Absolutely not!" McQuaig says. "We want to create little thinkers"

As Hemmingway said "All thinking men are atheists".
Let them be so if that's the case. Let it be.

And to utter a rather childish comment on the statement that the school curriculum should include this type of education before people are forced to create "Skeptical Camps".
Schools have become so industrialized, simply due to the huge number of individuals it deals with, that it cannot bother with that sort of interaction. It creates a system whose strange, grade-based fundamentals can be focused on to such a disturbing degree, that people forget about things like thinking critically. The system makes people focus on what, to the system, matters, and that's grades and tests. The system cares about the grades, and people know that.
It doesn't surprise me that most teachers and students find themselves innocently focusing on grades and tests. That's what's relevant for the system to flow. No wonder they leave out "thinking critically about Ufo's". It's better to just memorize the phases of Meiosis and have good grades.
Grades, in a lot of cases, don't mean anything about a person's capabilities.
It's a shame that schools leave Education out in most cases, and turns everything into mechanized Schooling.
I always had a problem with my high school experience.
I have even written down something I said once "Everytime I want to learn, I find myself stuck in school".
Schooling and Education are two different things. One does not imply the other.

As 'Apathy personified' says "the real trick is to teach them how to go about thinking about all the available evidence in any given situation and making their own minds up."
But the thing is that the current "educational" system makes that a secondary pursuit. It's barely even mentioned in classes. You have to rely on the passion of a few enlightned and inspired teachers to have that sort of stuff out there.
They find themselves creating these camps in their spare time.
EPople find mistakes in the system and yet they do nothing to change it.

I'm gonna stop here.

Everytime the current school system comes into a conversation I can only find flaws in it and never stop talking about them.

Anyway. It's great to see that camps like this exist.
It's a shame that only those who are already into science and are brought up in non-religious families are the ones who frequent these places.

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