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gill a loose cannon? hardly a revolutionay writer gushing out the same droll anti-dawkins hyperbole from his stupid slab of a face as every other monkey on a typewriter on fleet street that has a copy of the radio frickin' times and an agenda in alphabeticcal order so-as-not-to-confuse-the-simpleton-half-literate-fuckers from big brother editor to follow.

in short, shite reviews on the whole.

wouldnt mind if anyone had a go at countering dawkin's arguments or opinions in a constructive way (or even doing any research). in fact i would like that. i personally feel uneasy about rejecting all the reviews because it makes me feel biased, but then feel better when i re-read and see the standard of writing smacks of GCSE English Literature...

Sun, 10 Aug 2008 12:55:00 UTC | #215628