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This may sound strange but the reality is there are less 'true' blondes now. Most blondes running around are dyed blondes. So in restrospect, Darwin might have been on to something. Lots of studies show that men prefer blondes to have 'fun' with but prefer to marry brunettes. Why this is I'm not 100% sure but I'm assuming it has to do with feelings of insecurity. There is a tendency to believe that blondes may be unfaithful and too attractive to the opposite sex. I did read this in a poll at one time. Not sure if I can find it or not.

That said however I used to be blonde but my hair (what's left) is darker. My wife is a true blonde however, she's of Scandinavian decent (the lands of the blondes). She's doesn't fit the blonde jokes either. I think those blones may be American blondes...

P.S. I'm not insecure either, just for the record!

Sun, 10 Aug 2008 17:32:00 UTC | #215718