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I was fascinated by this programme, and will certainly watch the others in the series.

Mostly I was amazed at how obviously 'fixed' it was - all of the people taking part were fairly uneducated, and only one who had a spark of intelligence was carefully chosen so that it was easy to find him repellant. Even the narrator's script seemed dumbed down to make it 'more accessible'.

And is the only balanced way to talk about 'the sin' of abortion to show people footage of abortions happening? Perhaps it might have seemed more credible to show them the results of fractured families and unwanted children turning to crime and trashing the rest of society. Oh no, that would be far too complicated.

And seeing those two young boys there. That made my stomach turn. How is that even legal? I suspect that they were bored to tears by the whole thing, but might possibly have been swayed by the bright lights of the film crew. What kind of message would they take away? I'd love to see them on TV in 15 years talking about their remembrances of it all, if they have any.

All the preachers came out with so many bald assertions (that could obviously not be questioned) but didn't even bother talking about them. They weren't willing to accept questions, or to discuss the complex nature of any of the issues - it was pathetic.

I'd like to think that the series will actually damage the public view of religion, and I'm still not completely sure that the producers don't actually want that effect...

Mon, 11 Aug 2008 00:54:00 UTC | #215778