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HunterZolomon on August 11, 2008 at 12:26 am
avatarThe sky's the limit! ... "Make Me a Cthulhu Cultist"!

YES!! I would SO watch that show!!

The adverts for this show pissed me off when Dawkins programme was bracketed by them - why in a time where we have 20 evangelical TV channels on Sky, pumping out religeo-shit 24/7 and really need balanced programming are C4 pandering to irresponsible sensationalism on such a banal subject? I do hope there are some stronger willed people who manage to stick it out to the end and expose the brow-beating judgemental Christards for the charlatans they are. So shes a lesbian? So what? So shes a pole dancing witch? Other than an outmoded medieval superstitious belief in magic, so what?

Really, I think they knew a bunch of Darwin-geeks were going to be watching and just wanted to annoy the hell out of us and increase the buzz about the programme. Which is why I havent talked about it or watched the show, yeah?

Oh and by the way I inserted that yeah deliberately as an hommage to Charlie Brookers wit - something Spinoza definately doesnt get.



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