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I just read in Wiki that "Muslims are traditionally encouraged to regard cats as lovable and cherished creatures, and mistreating a cat (or any other animal) is seen as a severe sin in Islam." Given this, isn't it wrong to forbid walking dog who need the exercise as well as the chance to relieve themselves? The oafs who came up with this law must never had had the joys of a pet when growing up. How sad and pathetic all this is.

I think this is the point. Muhammed Liked cats, hated dogs. So to follow suit dogs are thought of as unclean by Islam. I don't totally understand to prohibition of cats though.

Of course this is entirely beside the point. Religious ideas with inadequate secular justification should not be imposed on people. Yet another reason the world needs to stand up and say what this is. Senseless and barbaric.

Mon, 11 Aug 2008 17:42:00 UTC | #216159