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Dude, I know.
But the notion of a creator which deists endorse - and IDists are forced to resort to (to avoid the unconstitutional endorsement of a specific religion) - is this abstract, faceless creator, which is fundamentally undisprovable (although, in the case of ID - not really).
Folks like Grothe Stenger are doing a great job at eroding this bastion of theistic defense for claims about the non-disprovability of specific gods. But it's still technically defensible for wishy-washy agnostics or deists to frame an argument in this way, and what's important to stress when you get to that level of abstraction is, as you essentially said, it's innocuousness and irrelevance as a proposition, basically.

I was and have only been concerned about responding to MIND_REBEL's irritating claim that "philosophers prooved(sic) gods non-existence hundreds of years ago". Now, I seriously don't know what he's talking about. Is he talking about any god, or just a specific god? Maybe he's telling the truth, and there's some amazing philosopher besides Kant, or Hume, or someone like that, who did boil god's non-existence down to some kind of mathematical "proof", in a time when creationism was ubiquitous, that I've just never heard of.
But I'm inclined to believe it's just another sweeping mis-statement, because I see him make them a lot - talking about 'meme-infestations' as though memetics was only formulated to describe religions pseudo-viral properties, saying the EU wants to usher in the Dark Ages.. I mean, I am being a jerk, and I should cut him some slack because English is probably not his first language (he has said elsewhere he's from Mexico), but.. they're just silly things to say.

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