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On the one hand, I really am a bit sketched out by the authoritarian control in China, though I won't go so far as to condemn it because I'm not sure I trust the information I have about the place. I do very much think that in any country, all its citizens should be free to worship whatever they want (I'd suggest pasta, but whatever), and there should be laws that guarantee that freedom.

On the other hand, maybe sometimes totalitarianism is useful. You may guarantee your citizens' right to worship, but you don't have to guarantee free access by foreigners to proselytize. So I don't think this is a freedom of religion issue, as much as it is a freedom of proselytization issue - or, if you want to be more critical, a freedom to spread a bunch of destructive, backward-thinking lies to some innocent, uneducated, rural folk issue.

So the Chinese government is regulating the meme-flow to its citizens. This time it's in our favor.

Mon, 18 Aug 2008 09:46:00 UTC | #220116