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In response to tieInterceptor,

Here's what says about Finland in particular;

Most Finns are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (82.4%) with a minority of 1.1% belonging to the Finnish Orthodox Church (see Eastern Orthodox Church). The remainder of the population consists of small groups (totaling 1.1%) of other Protestant denominations, Catholics, Muslims and Jews beside the growing population of unaffiliated (15.4%). The main Lutheran and Orthodox churches are the official churches of Finland. HOWEVER, church attendance is much lower than these figures may suggest. Most of the population holds generally secular views. A majority of members of the state Lutheran Church do not participate actively, and even then it is mostly for occasions like weddings and funerals.

Notice the capitalized "however". That's an awfully big "however". That's the kind of "however" the rest of the world needs in their Wikipedia description, under the "religion" heading.

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