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This has probably been asked before but I was curious on what the unedited Rowan Williams interview was like. He sounded like a man drowning and I personally wondered how he dug himself back out.

Dear Richard and the community,

Disregarding the truly feeble-minded who claim the world is only a few thousand years old, the objection to science from the likes of Rabbi Boteach that there would have had to be too many variations in the geological time available has a veneer of plausibility, and actually I don't know about this issue in any detail, or how to answer it convincingly. I, in my almost complete lack of paleotonoligcal knowledge, admit to this same nagging doubt. Your example of the relationship between reptilian and mammalian jaws was fascinating, but I would like more, to get a full overview of this field. I have read Climbing Mount Improbable. What is another good text with which to further educate myself? I would like to suggest that Richard could address this issue in some form in writing, or in more direct media, from a more specialist perspective and lay out the evidence in some detail.

Yours with so little time and so much to learn,

try "your inner fish" a bit boring in places as he sort of gives us his life's story but it explains alot

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