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Poor DarwinLoves. Don't feel too bad. Your poor country is being hijacked and dumbed down in the process.

If it makes you feel less embarrassed, remember that this religious literalist phenomenon is spreading like a cancer throughout countries that should know better. It's growing in the UK and here in Australia. Turkey and similar countries, I can understand better. But all our countries have access to the best that education has to offer. Grapple that to you with hoops of steel and never forget that education will always be the key. The mad religites know it, they indoctrinate early and use fear as the motivator. We have to use reason early, questioning all the time and that helps to shore up against unreason and credulous belief in superstition.

My optimism (sometimes I lose it!) is that this mad religious stuff just cannot last. People like Dawkins, Harris, Myers, Dennett and a growing band of honest intellectuals are publishing more and more in an effort to combat this egregious movement and the more that the fundamentalists take to print, the more they shoot themselves in the foot. The wild-eyed fanaticism will reach its peak. Maybe not before I die and I am heaps older than you. But you are the next generation and you must help.

Neander has the right idea. Start teaching facts, start teaching critical analysis classes. Make a forum wherever you live, gather some speakers/teachers/instructors together and advertise a weekly/monthly forum where the young people of your area can congregate and participate in Socratic style discussion as well. It's probably the most satisfying thing you can do. Kids haven't got enough access to places that promote lively, entertaining and informative discussion.

I promise you it will make you feel better. Get a blackboard, put it outside your house and post contentious and readable quotes on it. When they get wiped off, re-post them. Mine get wiped off and I just put them up again. My grounds are - okay, you didn't like that one, well, cop this one instead. Perseverance always wins out. And your angst starts to diminish so you regain your sense of humour.

As I am sure Neander would agree, if you can see the light of understanding grow in even one person's eyes, you will have made a difference that will swell your heart and keep you going. I am an old teacher and I can attest to this feeling.

Never, ever, ever give up. Your world needs you. Stay positive. And besides you get to develop debating skills for the rest of your life! Yum!

Nazgul - I can't recall where I have seen it, but there are other studies that include Canada and Australia and we are pretty well up there. We are secular societies but we have to watch it. People like to fill in gaps and feel comfortable that all the answers are in. For some reason, the human brain seems to need this.

The poor old US is the most religious 1st world country in the world and, of course, the religions have lots of untaxed dosh at their disposal to spread the vicious hate material about reasoned thought and science. And they are dangerous. The old grass roots methodology has to reinvent itself. We all have to find practical ways of combatting this tosh.


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