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Hmm, it seems no one will see my point, so I will just make it in the most clear way I can and be on my way:

I think it is disgraceful and cowardly to measure religion by its worst adherents rather than giving it the benefit of the doubt to analyze what it should be while simultaneously only measuring atheism by what it should be and ignoring its worst adherents.

It is not a fair measure.

I am not one to defend theists in most circumstances, however if those who call themselves atheists are not acting fairly and rationally I will point it out. I need not skew the evidence in favor of atheism to not believe in god; the truth is sufficient.

In a debate between Hitchens and D'Sousa all the atheists applaud Hitchens and conclude that he "won" the debate while all the theists applaud D'Sousa and think he "won." Neither side is looking for the truth, they are both engaging in a confirmation bias. The last debate with Hitchens and D'Sousa I saw was disappointing, I was impressed with D'Sousa who made many good points, of course not changing my mind, but rather than address those points Hitchens played childishly assuming he was right regardless of what evidence was presented.

Such tactics are shameful. If we refuse to give our opponents arguments the same credit and weight that we give our own then we have no grounds on which to call ourselves the rational thinkers or clear thinkers. If we balk at any criticism of our views rather than address them fairly we will not sway any theists.

I'm rather sick of watching atheists pat each other on the back while they grow complacent in their perceived superiority. It is childish and disgraceful.

And on that heart warming note I think I will be leaving this group for a while.

Mon, 01 Sep 2008 10:12:00 UTC | #228183