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@quantum_flux: Forget Obama. Let's pretend there is no election going on, that McCain would inherit the government from Bush like in a monarchy, and the only task given to McCain would be to select his VP, the person to assume the chair in case McCain dies or becomes incapacitated. And suppose he picked Palin for that. Would you wholeheartedly support his decision as Palin being the second best, most prepared republican out there? Would you feel confident sending Palin to Russia or to Jerusalem or to Iraq, do you think she can have a balls-out, eye-to-eye exchange with guys like Putin and Ahmadinejad? Is she ready for the infamous "3 AM call"? What should she answer, "I have no idea what to do now, but Obama wouldn't know either"?

Hell, would you bet your money that Palin can even pinpoint Darfur, Georgia and Pakistan on the map? I wouldn't.

You and most republicans I've heard recently seem to be excited about Palin not on the prospect of having her a heartbeat away from the most powerful seat in the world, but because she can turn around this election. But this should not be about winning the election, should be about the next 4 years and the sad state that America is now, especially in the global scenario.

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