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Not to worry. The only way the Rethugs win is if they steal it. With Palin, it won't even be close enough to steal. McCain has made himself and his party the laughing stock of America.

To those of you who think the Dominionists are some kind of overwhelming force, I remind you that when they had their own candidate a few years ago (Pat Robertson) he garnered all of 5% of the vote. Turns out there are probably more homosexuals per capita than religious nutjobs.

The 5% have managed to steal the stage and managed to get a marginally religious nutjob (Bush) into office, though that was more of a political coup than a religious one. Fundies are pissed at Bush because he didn't outlaw abortion and start public stoning of gays.

Palin's family is certainly up for grabs for reporters to examine. There is NO RECORD of Trig's birth at the hospital that supposedly delivered him, yet two other birth announcements were issued the day he was supposedly delivered. Is it relevant? It is relevant because the religious freaks have made it relevant. Cry me a river you self righteous bastards. America is not going to fall for this creationist claptrap of a candidate even if she does look good in a skirt.


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