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As long as we stop using biofuels I'll be happy.

Making a link is easier to do than typing a bunch of stuff up.

The Q/A in the link talks about the need to do biofuel production the "right" way, but I maintain that throughout history people's track record of doing things the "right" way has been pretty damn abysmal.

I also don't see anything good about Indonesia becoming the next "OPEC" (in the words of the guy I linked to). Is the irony just too sweet to pass up, with Indonesia being the country with the largest Muslim population in the world?

Meanwhile, farmers are using more of their land than ever to grow corn for inefficient use as ethanol, reducing how much land is dedicated to growing produce, raising food prices. And this I would say is far, far worse than rising gas prices for everyone (well, except things like airline and shipping companies) and has harsher far-reaching effects.

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