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Supervillains don't like asteroids either; they're *competition*! So, it's a win-win... at least as far as asteroids are concerned. Now, mass enslavement and firepits and blackened skies, that's a different issue.

Weavehole, that's a good thing to point out -- doing biofuels "the right way" is not going to happen because the reason theyre even happening at all is there's money to be made. And when there's money to be made, little else matters to too many people.

EDIT: I took a proper look at the pdf... yeah, it basically confirmed what I've been thinking all along and what I've read in the past. It really seems to me that any support of biofuels inadvertently does a great deal more harm than good, if it does any good at all.

Building an infrastructure to better transfer electricity, building nuclear power plants, water power plants; creating a network of electric charge stations to phase out gas stations across the US, Europe, Japan, S. Korea, and eventually other countries, so that fully electric cars are finally viable -- that makes sense to me. Such efforts, if spearheaded by BP, Exxon, etc., can keep them as the energy giants they are today, but having made a leap in the kind of energy they provide. ...Anyway, I'm way off topic now so I'll leave it for a more relevant article.

Oh and regarding 4 billion -- maybe we weren't counting the Muslim "world" and other fundamentalists, who couldn't be bothered to even learn basic science let alone be trusted to advance it.

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