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there is no such a thing as 'just a game' - games are designed to be won, to filter and promote dominant personalities (even to the point of disorder) and to rehearse scenarios and desensitise players to the consequences of less than altruistic decisions. The villains are whoever the designer casts as villains and players are trained to recognise and deal with them....sorry, bit patronsising then.... but, of course, the player of this new game is not playing God, he is playing Nature..becasue if he were to be playing God then us...also evolved from something...clasic Dawkins argument..who designed the designer and where did he come from, so even the IDers are standing on the flimsy ground once again.... as many of us have spotted...what makes us sooo much brighter than the 'others'?.....perhaps a natural resistence to having our reality defined for us by troglodytes

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