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it occurs to me that perhaps we souldn't label ourselves (be labelled) AS 'atheists' - becasue it engages with those already in the religious arena; theists use the label given to us as if it were an alternative 'faith' to theirs, thats why they keep saying that atheism is a faith position, when it isn't. If anything, perhps we should be saying that we have no supernatural interests at all and only engage with them on the grounds that they are teaching children to regard themselves as priveledged and superior both morally and spiritually, to others purely on the basis of lies (not 'inaccuracies' but out and out lies); and encouraging children (anyone) to feel unjustifiably superior to anyone else means, of course, that anything they decide to so to the 'inferior' can be justified on that dynamic alone. Barthes' Distinctions is so true in so many ways.. and i'm sure many rampant theists listen to Gangsta rap on the quiet....

as He would say : Thou shalt have no other GOd but me..and i'm sorry if that sounds selfish, sweetie, but its me, me, me ,em ,me...alright?

Thats the problem with God - he seems to think its all about him

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