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If I were them I'd definitely never let this pass.

When I was getting my elementary eduction many years ago, I had a teacher that taught us bible stories virtually every day. Every day we came to school we had to say shalom, and when we left school we had to say shalom shalom.

When you're that young it's hard to understand what it's all about. I remember I liked all the interesting stories she always told about various biblical characters. Mostly because I didn't have to do anything but listen!

When I was in second grade, I swore in class once (I was a real rascal), and she got really pissed and told me "When you leave third grade [and get a new teacher], you will be a Christian". I can't remember what I answered, but I won't forget how shocked I was by her statement.

Still I know it took me till I was about 18 years old to realize that what she was preaching for us every day was against the law, and most certainly not on the curriculum. Not easy for an eight year old (even if I was already an atheist) to know what's on the curriculum. That none of the parents ever reacted on it is a mystery, or maybe they truly didn't know about it.

Fact of the matter is, that now that I understand what was going on, I realize she was abusing our young minds to indoctrinate her beliefs upon us.

Sure, she never managed to convert me, so it may seem trivial, but what about all the proper education I was left out on due to her need to imprint her bullshit every day?

I wish I was able to process it today, but I was too old before I understood we had been "abused".

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