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did you not argue quite a while ago that people of the male gender tended to go a bit gooey round Ayaan Hirsi Ali, well is the same thing not happening here to some extent, after all whenever you see a photo of Sarah Palin the first thing that comes into your mind is not ... she's a Christian

Maybe, but the one has no bearing and the other does. I don't reject Sarah Palin because she is a woman, that would certainly be unfair. I reject her because of the list of issues we disagree on.

It's not ok to ask if the person flying the plane is a woman, but it is ok to ask if she's a pilot.

Besides, while all these damn candidates are "christian", neither Obama nor Biden "speak in tounges". I call that a plus.

Sun, 21 Sep 2008 09:54:00 UTC | #238211