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I believe Fanusi's point would be something like: that IS sometimes what it takes. And you bunch of lily-livered piners don't have it in you.

Beautifully summarised:-)

If you sincerely believe Islam to be a threat, and a nuclear Islam to be a dire threat which absolutely MUST be overcome ....

Oh c'mon, it's not as if Obama is going to hand over the nuclear arsenal, or as if the republicans have much of a track record on managing wars, the economy or well, anything.

It boils down to this. Who do you want defusing a bomb that could kill tens of millions of people in the middle east? A hotheaded aging fighter jock with a poor flying record? A "hockey mom" who thinks she is on a mission from God, and considers "not blinking" the critical executive skill she brings to the table?

My preference is for someone who considers what they are doing very carefully, is open to input and performs well under stress. Like say, being the first black american presidential candidate ... EVAH.

Frankly its a no brainer, except for 45% of the american electorate ... what does THAT tell you.

Sun, 21 Sep 2008 10:27:00 UTC | #238239