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My worry would be, in fact my worry is, not that there will be an overwhelming number of Muslims living in the UK any time soon, but that those that do actually live here are somehow making themselves seem so politically significant that our leaders pull down their trousers, bend over, and say take me I'm yours. (On our behalf, naturally.)

I think the risk of politicians pulling more power to themselves, as opposed to handing it over to others, is merely a further illustration of how unlikely all this talk of the islamification of Europe is.

EU states will be full blown fascist regimes long before any incipient islamic theocracy has a snow balls chance in hell of getting established. That is by orders of magnitude the real danger, and the hysterical yelling (not yours) simply inflates that risk. In my view.

Sun, 21 Sep 2008 10:32:00 UTC | #238243