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I'd thought that Palin's time at the White House is more likely to change her than her changing the White House. No?

Yes, but not for the better. The religious right are already major stock holders of the republican party, Bush snuggled up to them heavily even degraded church and state separation somewhat as a sop to them, ditched Harriet Myers because of them (not that I objected to that) and generally did a little overt pandering.

However, if the republicans win this election, and they may yet, they will be owned by the religious right. Lock Stock and Barrel. And Sarah "end times" Palin will be one elderly (and very stressed) heart beat away from the most powerful political office on earth.

If the worst comes to pass Bush's worst excesses will seem to Palin to insignificance ... you get the idea:-)

Sun, 21 Sep 2008 11:33:00 UTC | #238304