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Australians are a pathetic lot when it comes to religion.

Most of us are "not religious" as in we don't attend church much, we don't pray much, and we rarely discuss religion with workmates or friends.

However like a previous poster pointed out, most Australians seem to believe that religion is a "good thing" and that "Private" Schools have better standards of teaching and instill better "values" into our children.

We give undue respect to church leaders, seeking their opinions on everything from stem cell research to gun control.

Our politicians seek photo opportunities in Pentecostal churchs like Hillsong and recite the Lord's Prayer in parliament.

As a child in primary school we were always asked our religion. Not our parent's religion but "our" religion. We were all neatly segregated into separate classrooms for our 2 hours of Scripture (religious instruction) each week.

You'd look out the window, bewildered at the handfull of misfits whose parents had the fortitude to exempt them from such classes.

The biggest injustice in my opinion, is the fact that religious schools get equal government funding but are allowed to discriminate when hiring staff or accepting pupils, on the grounds of religion.

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