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This is somewhat too obvious to bother mentioning but how is introducing a god into the mix making the problem simpler. We currently have a world that because of the way it is we can talk about it. We aren't sure of all it's rules but we've made and are making progress. The proposal is that we introduce an intelligent entity of the type we know took billions of years to evolve here (only this one's bigger, better and invisible) and place it at the beginning of the universe. Now we don't just have allot of fantastically difficult scientific problems to solve. We have a vastly more inexplicable entity with properties seemingly plucked from thin air and stated truth. And they whinge about us speculating.

By the way, what exactly is wrong with simply saying that yea, if the universe were different then we wouldn't be here to talk about it. Isn't it a bit egocentric to believe that life or even human beings were the purpose for the big bang???

To it I say Bah,


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