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"We are now faced with Russian imperialism, not of the Bolshevist kind but of the much more traditional czarist, right-wing-chauvinist, Russian Orthodox Christian kind. It could be more menacing because it might be less amenable to reason or deterrence and therefore it could be less stable, less rational."

In reality, maybe a welcome countering force to US imperialism?
Hitchens is so impressed with Hitchens that it is like the old joke about how do you know there's a pilot in the room, - "He will tell you."
Always be suspicious about an 'intellectual' who is busy telling you he is an intellectual. Usually he is just a glib hack, as Hitchens sounds suspiciously like most of the time.
Notice the picture he has of HIMSELF on the dustcover of his Thomas Paine biography. Compared to Robert Ingersoll's lecture, H. could have just left it alone.

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