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I know Glenn Morton - he has helped us at the BCSE and I highly respect him.

However, he is highly unusual. He has really used his intellect to over-ride his emotion. Very few of the creationists or IDers that I have ever debated with online are capable of using their intellect. The whole shooting match is about emotion.

Moreover, whilst most of the "debate" about creationism centres on biology and the theory of evolution, Glenn's background is in geology where the pro-science arguments are much more easily demonstratable (just look at the landscape).

I can't take John Morris seriously. His father (Henry Morris) was a hydraulic engineer who did a PhD in the subject "to prove" that a literal interpretation of the BIble was "true". (i.e. that Noah's Flood could have happened.) He did not go in with an open mind. I dunno what Richard thinks but it seems to me that in any undergraduate or post graduate course at all but the lowest grade of university (such as the creationist universities in the USA, BJU, etc.), an open mind is essential. You simply cannot learn without it.

As Royal Holloway College has pointed out to me, it's getting creationist students who, because of their "beliefs" are essentially unteachable. I've been through universities four times and what I came out knowing bears little resemblance to my pre-conceived ideas about what I expected to learn before I entered each course.

Lenny Flank (over ar Debunk Creation) has been fighting creationisn for 25 years and says that in all that time, he has only ever seen a couple of creationists change their minds and accept mainstream science.

My own opinion, for what it is worth, is that the problem runs deeper than science v religion. With creationism you're dealing with a fundamentalist mindset. That is an ideology that ecompasses far more that just "creationism". Even in the are event of there being a "conversion" to mainstream science, the extreemism and ideological mindset remain.

I don't, incidentally, think that is the case at all with Glenn.

Roger Stanyard, British Centre for Science Education

Thu, 02 Oct 2008 09:53:00 UTC | #245330