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One point about the ICR and its graduates.

It appears that not one of them has ever put their money where their mouth is and set up a mineral/oil exportation company using "Flood Geology".

This is more than a minor point. A huge proportion of geologists is not in academia - but actively working for commercial companies. They (and the creationists) cannot argue that "creationism" is subject to a scientific conspiracy by "liberals" or whatnot.

All the creationists need to do is to show how their alternative "flood geology" leads to finding resources more effectively and they are sure onto a winner. The mineral exploration companies will be banging on their doors with employment contracts.

Perhaps Andy McIntosh might like to substantiate his claim that coal can be formed in a few hours by telling the energy industry where this process can be seen in action today. He'd make a damn fortune if he did.

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