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Blitz442 comments about Glenn ""Nothing that young-earth creationists had taught me about geology turned out to be true"....would that not be same for biology, cosmology, physics, logic and reason in general???"

IIRC Glenn accepts all of mainstream science including evolutionary biology.

In reply to Cartmancer, BCSE is aware of two graduates from Oxford who are young earth creationists - Richard Buggs (PhDE in biological sciences, felft 2006) and David Anderson with a 1st and masters in maths (left around 2003). Neither are now resident in the UK.

In addition there appears to be a couple of IDers amongst the academic staff, one of whom is John Lennox (i'm just about to read his latest book on the matter.)

It seems that Oxford has been targeted by creationists. There is a fair amount of info on the matter on our web site at

The fundamentalists have gained controlled of Wycliffe Hall.

I was at a debate last year between Steve Fuller and Lweis Wolpert. It was held at Royal Holloway and amongst the audience there were clearly a number of creationists. I did notice, though, that Muslims seemed to be the most vocal amongst them.

Where the creationists are "getting" at the universities is through evangelical Christian Unions. The overall body overseeing the CUs appears to have been heavily infiltrated by creationists.

I certainly never noticed any fundamentalists whilst I was an undergraduate (or postgraduate) but then I am one of the "Godless Scum of Gower Street). Andy McIntosh was a contemporary of mine at Cranfield Institute of Technology. I don't recall him there, though.

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