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My own opinion, for what it is worth, is that the problem runs deeper than science v religion. With creationism you're dealing with a fundamentalist mindset. That is an ideology that ecompasses far more that just "creationism."

I heard a very interesting radio programme a few years ago on our public broadcaster in Canada. It was about a high profile negotiator (terrible memory - I can't remember his name and I can't find the reference) who had much success with the most complex and contentious disputes, which in this country deal with First Nations land and resource claims. One of his most famous successes dealt with the fishery in British Columbia.
The interviewer asked him the secret to his success at getting negotiated settlements with two (or more) seemingly intransigent and polarized sides. I'll never forget what he said: "You've got to keep in mind: it's not about the fish." The rest of the hour-long programme was about how the real issues are about something else: identity, power, culture, autonomy, etc. Once he can find out what the REAL issues are, he can work to address those as part of a solution to the "presenting" issues: fish, land, etc.
So, whenever I have an argument with someone about issues like free speech, abortion, evolution, etc. or even an argument with my teenager about doing the dishes for that matter, I remember "it's not about the fish" - which in the case of evolution is quite iconic if you pause a moment and think about it...

I wish I could find reference to that programme on CBC, help appreciated in that regard.

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