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Rational_Skeptic: I remember listening to that CBC program... try looking in the archive for the "Ideas" show. It may have been one of the Massey lectures.

There was another excellent lecture (by King?) with the major theme that "we are the stories we tell ourselves". Everybody has a view of themselves, part of an internal narrative that defines who or what they are.

You won't be able to change a creationist's mind until you can address the problem that evidence that contradicts that story just won't be accepted because it breaks their core view of who they are.

And it's clear from the Glen's account that creationists as a group work very hard to keep that association strong, coupling it with social shunning and bullying.

Thus xtian scientist like Miller are probably very important in reducing the fundamentalist influence on mainstream xians.

But it may also mean that once a certain point has been reached only massive de-programming can bring a fundamentalist out of the fundamentalist mindset.

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