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Janus said:

It's not just that he's smart, it's that I think he really cares about what's true, which is something that is incredibly rare among religious believers.

I think that's actually very close to the heart of the matter; at least if my own personal anecdote has any statistical merit. My personal journey out of christianity coincided with my sister's disillusionment with her church's hierarchy and orthodoxy, and she said she was purposefully "looking for the Truth." I took this as encouragement to share--rather excitedly--the actual facts I had discovered about religion, christianity and, particularly, glaring biblical inaccuracies (since we were raised to believe in a very strict, bible-is-inerrant brand of christianity).

I was told, in no uncertain terms, that she believed satan had gotten a hold of my mind and made me believe all those "lies."

We were both disillusioned with what we had been taught and had seen not to pan out; but whereas I would only accept pure, undeniable facts from that point on, she only actually wanted to find a different version of her religion which made her feel warmer and fuzzier than the last iteration.

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