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Pat Condell is hard-hitting, but always quietly reasonable in tone.

I just can't agree with "always" quietly reasonable. Mostly, yes. But sometimes he switches to "Alf Garnett" mode, and is quietly reasonable in the way that Richard Littlejohn is quietly reasonable. His provocativeness is part of his attraction to many.

An example of this is here, where Condell condemns "polite debate":

"To engage dogma in debate is to legitimise it". That isn't just creationism, but any dogma.

Here are more of his comments about his views on debate with the religious:

"Show us all what a clever dick you are".

"You don't have a cause, what you have got is a hobby".

"Save me from the curse of polite and deferential atheists".

(Trying to imagine Christoper Hitchens' reaction to being called a "curse", and a "clever dick" by Condell is quite amusing)

So it appears that a considerable volume of useful (in my view) discussions involving the likes of Shermer, Dennett, Stenger, Hitchens, Miller and Atkins is a self-promoting waste of time according to Condell.

I don't know if Condell's approach helps the cause. I have heard that many young "budding" atheists find encouragement from his videos. But I don't think he can be said to be always quiet and reasonable. If he was, there would not be the sense of anticipation when one starts a new video of his.

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