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Hopefully those of us who plastered our protests over the YouTube comments linked to the video helped to make them see reason. I love Pat Condell BECAUSE he never lets emotion get in the way of reason and logic; he says what most people of reason think but don't have the balls to say out loud.
This is a real breakthrough and a welcome indicator to Islam that it can't always get it's own way. We need more of this in the mainstream; this is what will make society wake up and we won't have to call ourselves Atheists anymore...just normal people as opposed to the abnormal who believe in fairy for someone banning the Ahmed ringtone?...words fail me.
Well done YouTube.
I also agree we should lodge our offence to the Evangelical and other rants....just to make the point. This is a good day.

Sat, 04 Oct 2008 01:34:00 UTC | #246382