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I saw Religulous last night here in San Diego, CA.

Very, very good - and very funny. It is truly amazing to see people that Maher interviews who claim to be religious and claim to understand the tenants of their religion, but when asked to explain any them they stumble and bumble and fall flat on their arses.

What was most encouraging, however, was that the theater was packed. There were people sitting in the aisle rows, against the walls along the sides, and in the back of the theater. And the audience appeared to vary in age range, as well. Also, there were many, many outbursts of laughter. And why not? This movie is a comedy and the subject matter basically writes itself.

I only wish Maher could edit the movie to include clips of Palin (such as the one above).

Sun, 05 Oct 2008 12:54:00 UTC | #246959