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My friends and I saw the film just now and enjoyed it. Very funny and disturbing at the same time! LOL!

The only feedback is that while I agree that the religious "right" are dangerous, Bill did not offer any of the dangerous Liberation Theology that plagued the Obama campaign, any of the Wright videos or commentary on such.

This brings into question the self-interest of Bill and his inability to be unbiased. Although he has no committment to be unbiased, then one can only question his credibility.

Both sides of the political spectrum have used religion to further their political gains, their moralization of society and their absconding of freedoms.

While I understand this site is democratic/liberal biased, it ought be in ALL of our self-interests to speak out and denounce ALL those who believe this tripe of religion, no matter the party, no matter the person, no matter the gain.

You either are against this issues being propagated in our society or you are not.

Sun, 05 Oct 2008 16:03:00 UTC | #247089