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For those who have better things to do than read 'A Theologian's Perspective' from the book, here is my summary of the theologian's response to Dawkins' arguments.

1. There is no evidence of God.

God is mysterious and ineffable and you wouldn't necessarily expect evidence that you can understand, but every now and again things happen that we don't fully understand. Therefore god exists.

2. All the proofs for god's existence are pretty lame.

They're not really meant to be "proofs", just arguments to make believers feel that they're being rational. Therefore god exists.

3. Science explains everything.

Ah but you can't explain the Big Bang or the evolution of language can you? Therefore god exists.

4. Religion is a mistake.

Dawkins explanation for why religion continues to persist isn't really very good. Therefore god exists.

5. Goodness is an accident.

You can't explain love can you? Dawkins himself says that we're all supposed to be selfish all the time. Therefore god exists.

6. The tyrant of the bible.

Jesus makes up for all the bad bits. Therefore god exists (all three bits of Him).

7. The evil of religion.

It's no more evil than doing violence in the name of a football club. Therefore god exists.

8. The inspiration of atheism

All atheists are communist dictators who kill millions of people. Therefore god exists.

Proper believers don't try to prove god exists. Therefore god exists.

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