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I'm not sure about Rowan Williams - he seems a nice kindly sort of gent, but I think he is deeply intellectualy confused, even more so than the creationist variety of christian.

I've heard the guy before, seemingly genuinely agonised that an interviewer can't grasp his inoffensive but fuzzy and shapeless version of his religion.

He exudes reasonableness but you never really know precisely where he stands on critical issues. It's tempting to feel sorry for the guy playing referee between the pro- and anti-gay branches of his church, his big issue at the moment. But if he had any firm beliefs he would nail his colours to the mast and say precisely where he stands rather than trying to mediate between two profoundly opposing strands who will never agree. Of course if they split off it would reduce the size significantly of his empire.

I think basically he is an agnostic but hasn't the intellectual courage to make that final step....

Tue, 14 Oct 2008 10:56:00 UTC | #250905