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"Belief in Santa doesnt generate a moral code.."

Neither does belief in God, it seems to be innate.

" doesnt generate art, it doesnt generate imagination"

Well, thats not entirely true, there are movies, pictures, poems, songs, hymns, paintings, dances and all sorts of shit about santa, perhaps they arent anything fancy or "serious" like some of the god-inspired arts, but thats probably because noone over the age of 5 takes Santa seriously.

Nonetheless Mr.Williams, none of these 3 "arguments" are really arguments at all, even if they were all true, it wouldnt actually elevate the "Case for God" over the "Case for Santa". The two are still on EVEN GROUNDS. I know you dont think so, but nothing you, or any of your fellow believers have ever said, has ever been convincing enough for me to take God out of the Santa-category of things I dont believe in.

Tue, 14 Oct 2008 12:33:00 UTC | #250947