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I don't agree with Richard that Oktar is naive. He presents his materials to the naive to sell better, so whenever he thinks he can seize the opportunity to promote his cause, he adopts a language he (probably rightfully) thinks they will easily swallow.
His attempted and so far marginally successful attempts at manipulating the Turkish jurisdiction to execute his will may have been naive in matters of law, but quite likely he's merely testing out how far he can take it. It's no secret that the common cause of all religious fundamentalists of the world is to bend and change the laws of their countries to fit their holy texts (or their selective readings thereof). They believe that they are the frontline in a battle of humanity against the force of evil. Or at least they find that making a fortune selling the battlecry is a worthwile endeavour. And it is as worthwile to them to carry on generation by generation - in the Christian case conveniently compartmentalized away from the fact that the same generations were all waiting for the return of their savior and disappointed; the Muslim world awaiting the arrival of the Mahdi.

I'm extremely grateful that today our countries provide a haven of freedom for brave apostates to openly form councils such as this one. They are not yet removed from danger as individuals, but the torch will not be extinguished. Call a spade a spade and an ignoramus an ignoramus, a liar a liar and a fascist a fascist, and words will take fruit.

Tue, 14 Oct 2008 21:25:00 UTC | #251040