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There's plenty of reasons to accuse Bill Maher of acting like an ass about this movie, especially its use of the ambmush-interview tactic and the bait-and-switch fake working title tactic (ala Expelled). But this review is nothing more than the standard rehashed "If a fact is embarassing to religion, then either claim it's an exception case, or claim that the person who brought it up is an idiot for not following the trend of bending over backward to re-interpret religulous bullshit as metaphorical after it turned out to be incorrect."

And exposing the inherent ugliness in something that people have tricked themselves into thinking is beautiful is not the same thing as uglifying something that actually is beautiful.

It's not Bill Maher's fault that these ugly aspects of religion exist. It's our culture's fault that we've built a taboo against exposing them.

Thu, 16 Oct 2008 14:31:00 UTC | #251844