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Dear God,
Given that the human species has been around for at least a million years but Christianity is only 2000 years old which is 0.2% or less and many millions alive now are brought up to believe other sets of beliefs and given that the vast majority of sperms and eggs are wasted or lost early in pregnancy, then the vast majority of "souls" (actual and potential) must be doomed to eternal Hell fire with a good dose of wailing and a gnashing of teeth (actual and potential). I think the way You set up the World has got to be the main reason for this state of affairs. The main idea in Christianty is that You wanted to send us to Hell because Adam eat the apple and this sin must be punished, but You had the brilliant idea of sending Your Son (i.e. Yourself in One of Your manifestations) to earth to die and go to Hell (and back) instead and thereby satisfy Your lust for punishment, so that we don't have to, but then, oddly, we are told we WILL go to Hell if we don't believe this (and go to Church regularly giving generous donations). Why did You not foresee that things would turn out badly and make the necessary adjustements to Your design in the first place? Then You and We would be happy! For example, don't put the tree there, or don't put the snake there or at least not a talking snake (that speaks perfect English). It was an accident waiting to happen. If you can read this God, please tell my why you blame us for your mistakes? We are so small and stupid compared to You so give us some help here.

Mon, 26 Mar 2007 16:18:00 UTC | #25485