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I think latsot and J.C. Samuelson have pointed out the most telling part of this story:

since God "is" consciousness, "the theist has no need to explain how consciousness can come from materials bereft of it. Consciousness is there from the beginning."

Indeed, no need to explain anything, no need for science. And, after all, there is the argument that materialism is self-defeating, anyway: if human thoughts are material, then they could never be perfect, so we could never really know it was material.. and we know thought is perfect because it comes from God.. and so goddidit, 'cause if he didn't we couldn't be sure goddidit.. and we're sure, so there.

EDIT: -- Hmm.. Now that they've moved the argument from evolution (a historic process of populations) to consciousness (an ongoing process for individuals), perhaps it should be "goddoesit" instead of "goddidit".

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