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My friend Irshad Manji, the Muslim feminist, has called for the EU and US to fund a big programme of microcredits – small, no-interest loans – for Muslim women across the Middle East to start their own businesses or get a decent education. This would slowly give them a sliver of independence with which to reinterpret the Koran (or leave it behind). This isn't only morally right: it helps us too. How much can jihadism – an ideology committed to enslaving women, Taliban-style – spread in a society where women are free to argue and answer back'

Well said.

However I expect the Randoids to show up and say, "Hands off MY money! The government is not only spreading the wealth domestically, it is spreading it abroad'! They are just spreading them like I am spreading my ass cheeks!

What has the world come to' Have socialism gone international'If the Muslim women want to start a business let them do it in the free market and they can get access to capital by having halal bake sales for fund rasing.."


So, how will you send the money to them, which banks will hold it, how will you prevent the men from stealing it, how will you prevent men from burning the businesses down, killing the women' Etc.... etc... The list goes on and on.

It's a noble idea, but it assume women can "argue" against the men and stay alive.

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