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Let's just throw money at it, that will work. Especially if it is someone else's money.

I don't think it is a bad idea, I think it isn't well thought through. I think it starts with education, for both men and women. But there is little you can do to change a society which is unwilling to change. Is it your job to tell the "benighted orientals" how to run their affairs'

I am all for helping the Muslim world reform. But I am not for flushing money down the drain overseas when it can be used at home.

Do you figure that you have some special insight to the trials these women would endure if they attempted this that they themselves (the ones requesting the help) do not'

They are requesting help' Who is'

I have insight into the history and practice of Islam. Besides more than 50% of small businesses in Saudi Arabia are owned by women NOW.

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